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Don’t Crowdfund Your Family’s Future

Dear Brothers,

There is a new phenomenon sweeping the internet: crowdfunding. It’s increasingly being used to raise funds for grieving families. Chances are you’ve seen this more than once. Someone passes away, and within a day or two a representative from the family opens a crowdfunding page to raise funds to pay for funeral expenses and medical bills.

Without question, crowdfunding is a great way to harness the power of the internet for charitable ends, but it is often insufficient.

Recent studies show that the average crowdfunding memorial page raises $2,000-$2,200 — far below the average cost of funeral services. “Crowdfunding Funerals: What You Need to Know” by Kayleigh Kulp, Fox Business. Grieving families are left to deal with the shortfall as well as the additional stress of soliciting donations, figuring out how to access the money and calculating platform fees.

September is designated as Life Insurance Awareness Month. It’s a great opportunity for you to evaluate your life insurance coverage and make sure your family’s future will not be left up to a crowdfunding page.

Let’s get together and see how the Knights of Columbus can help protect you.


Randall Heskett

*To be eligible for both the Family Fraternal Benefit Program, and the Orphan Fraternal Benefit Program, the member must be in good standing, and either he or his wife must be insured under a Knights of Columbus certificate requiring an annual premium of at least $150, or providing at least $5,000 in permanent life insurance coverage. Eligibility for the Orphan Fraternal Benefit Program is also contingent on the child being covered by an individual Knights of Columbus certificate.

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