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Bill Brinkmeier


William Brinkmeier better known as Bill Brinkmeier was born in Santa Barbara California in 1959.  His journey took him to Colorado at a very young age.  Colorado is where he was greatly influenced by his Grandmother and his Grandfather. His Grandparent’s devout Catholic life guided Bill to become greatly involved in St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church in Denver serving as an altar boy.  He attended Loyola Catholic School from 1st to 6th grade.  Bill and his father moved to Arvada when he was entering the 7th grade.

When he was 5 years old, he would look out the window dreaming about fishing (as he said he should have been paying attention in school) and he could not wait till the day he retired. Bill knew how precious life was.

At an early age, Bill, his father, and grandfather would go fishing every weekend. They loved their time at Williams Fork Reservoir but they would make sure they would always be back in time for Sunday night mass.

At Arvada High School (Redskins), he was part of the marching band.  He played the Tenor Saxophone and enjoyed the band trips to Washington DC and Hawaii.

He graduated from the Denver Institute of Technology in 1977.  Bill later went on to Regis University completely a Bachelor’s degree in 1991 and a Master’s degree in 1995 with a 4.0 GPA.

He began his career at StorageTek in 1977, it was here where he ended up finding the catch of his life. Bill met Becky while fixing a tape drive at Rocky Mountain Energy in 1983. They married one year and 2 weeks later (March 24, 1984).

In December of 1986, Bill and Becky were blessed with Kimberly who was a miracle baby. The Blessing was possible because of the prayers and devoted faith of Bill. During childbirth, Becky survived cardiac arrest and Kimberly survived birth as she wasn’t breathing and was rushed to the ICU.

Bill worked at StorageTek for 31 years.  He began his career as a Field Engineer, Customer Support, Test Engineer, Testing Manager, and a Development Manager. This is where Bill showed Kimberly the joys of testing, which she ended up following in his footsteps. He would bring Kimberly to take your daughter to work day, to show her girls can do anything. Then after 31 years at StorageTek/Sun Microsystems, he was laid off.

Bill then took a job in Hopkinton Massachusetts at EMC2. He worked there as a Test Manager and Test Support Manager until Dec 2015 when he retired. 

Bill fully enjoyed the two and a half years of retirement with boating, hunting, and fishing.  He was gifted at making fishing lures.  He would name each lure after family and friends and gift them to the recipient.

He was a loveable husband to Becky.  They celebrated their 34th Anniversary together on March 24th with a carriage ride.  He was a wonderful father to Kimberly. He loved having a daughter, as he could watch her dance and play dress up but also gut a fish and shoot an antelope.

He always looked forward to hunting and fishing with the boys.  He also loved going boating, fishing, and hunting with his wife and daughter who were the apple of his eye.

His motto was “What would Jesus do: Go fishing and have a glass of wine”.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a contribution to the Little Sisters of the Poor Denver.

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