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Nativity Knights Honor Widows

In keeping with the spirit of the Knights of Columbus founded by Father Michael McGivney the Knights of Nativity of our Lord Council #10961 honored eight widows of our council members whose husbands have passed away. In visiting these widows the knights of Nativity Council #10961 demonstrated the KofC principles of Charity and Unity.

Tom Farlow and Pat Kittridge

Widows honored with the gift of a Christmas card and a Poinsettia plant from the council were Pat Kittridge, Catherine Reuter, Fran Dwyer, Elizabeth Boitnott, Becky Brinkmeier, Loretta Mayer, Debbie DiPetrillo, Roz Gallagher.

Knights involved in delivering the cards and plants were; Tom Farlow, Bob Johnson, Dave Beckingham, Tony Anderson, Bob Patton.

The knights went out two by two to the homes of these fine ladies and spent time talking and reminiscing about their lives. Both parties, the knights and the these beautiful ladies benefited from these precious visits.

One knight commented “we sat on the couches in their living rooms and talked and talked. It was a wonderful time, I learned so much”.

Tom Farlow, Bob Patton with Catherine Reuter

These widows were very appreciative, learning that the Nativity Council had not forgotten them.

Some of these ladies have been widowed for a number of years and others were experiencing their

first holiday season without their husbands.

We were very encouraged that all of these women remain very strong in spite of their loss.

Our council will continue to be in contact with these women and provide support as the council is able.

Bob Johnson with Fran Dwyer

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