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Family of the Month 3/20

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Michael & Jennifer (Jen) Kuzik Family

It is a great honor to recognize the family of Michael & Jen Kuzik as the Nativity of Our Lord Family of the Month for March 2020. Michael is a graduate of Arizona State with an MBA from Regis University and works for Wells Fargo as a Wealth Management Advisor. Jen graduated from CU Denver and currently works as the Administrator of Parish Reception and Office Operations at Nativity of Our Lord Parish and involved with the Hospitality Committee and Parish Advisory Council.

Michael and Jen married in 1992 and moved to Broomfield in 1993 and immediately became involved with Nativity of Our Lord parish. Jen became involved with the Respect Life Committee at Nativity and also volunteered at the Archdiocese Respect Life Office. Jen facilitated the production of Nativity’s parish directory on two different occasions as well as serving on the parish council. While volunteering at the Archdiocese Respect Life Office, she was very involved with the renovation of a donated home to St. James Parish that became a Gabriel House for crisis pregnancy support. She also assisted in fundraising for the Gabriel House that raised $25,000. Michael became involved with the parish finance council and still serves to this day; he is also served as the treasurer for the Broomfield Community Foundation and the Broomfield Soccer Club.

Michael and Jen are the proud parents of four children. As the children started school at Nativity, Jen volunteered as a schoolroom parent, served for three years on the School Advisory Board and was a coordinator for the annual school gala fundraiser. The children all were active with the school and church youth programs and served as altar servers during their grade school years prior to attending Holy Family High School. The two oldest graduated from college and are living in the Denver area. One is currently at CU Boulder, and the youngest is a junior at HF and will graduate in the next year from HF, and all remain faithful. As the family grew, besides saying grace before each meal both home and away, the family was committed to having a prayer service each evening prior to expiring for the day. Now that the two oldest are away from home and one in college, the family has taken up the practice of the “Triple C’s”, where each month a different member picks a community to meet on Sunday, pick a church for Sunday Mass, than pick a restaurant for Sunday dinner. The Kuzik family enjoys hiking, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

It is with great honor to acknowledge the Michael and Jen Kuzik Family as the Nativity of Our Lord Council 10961 March Family of the Month. Their name will be submitted to the State Council for consideration as the Colorado State Family of the Month for March 2020.

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